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Visual Studio File Management

Solution Explorer:

  • Solution explorer contains all your files in your website
  • Right click on project name and you can:
    • add new item
    • add existing item
    • add a new folder
    • Add an ASP.Net folder
  • Select Add new item

Select web form for a new page

Notice all the other types of files available

Name your new file

Check or uncheck Place code in separate file

This will either place the programming logic in a code behind or put it all in one file

Click Add

Add a new item from toolbar:

• Select the drop down arrow on the toolbar shown

Select Add new item or Add existing item

Add Existing item

This can be used to add images and other files created in another program

Remove items from project:

• Highlight it and delete on keyboard- erases the file

• Right click file and select delete

Exclude from Project:

• Right click and exclude from project

• This does not delete the actual file

You can use the file again by right-clicking and selecting Include in Project

Open a File in Code View or Design View:

• right click file in solution explorer and select view code or select code view button


You can also double click the file in the solution explorer to view it in design view

Refresh Button

Properties window:

Setting project properties:

• Select the project within solution explorer and properties show up in the properties panel

• Right click on projects title and select properties

Use this dialog box for advanced property settings of your web site project

You can also set properties in the Properties Window while selecting the project name

Code View

• In code view you can access any class by the first dropdown

• You can reference any method and events from the second dropdown

ASP.Net 2.0 uses partial classes so you no longer have to include lines of generated code in all your files

All code blocks have the ability to be collapsed and expanded:

Select from MENU:


• You can switch from a tabbed or MDI Window view


• Fonts and Colors

• Can change size and fonts of code

Text Editor

• You can turn line numbering on or off


• While typing code Visual Studio will add a pop up box when you click the dot

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