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Displaying Different Page Views

Multiview contol

Hide and display different areas of a page

Can use to create tabbed page

Or divide a long form into multiple forms


Contains one or more View controls

Use multiview to select a view control to render

The other view controls are hidden


You can only view one view control at a time

Multiview controls


  • ActiveViewIndex
    • Select view control to show by index
  • Views
    • Get the collection of view controls in a multiview control


  • getActiveVIew
    • get the selected view control
  • setActiveView
    • select the active view


  • activeViewChanged
    • fired when a new view is selected

View Control

Container for other controls


  • Activate
    • When view gets selected
  • Deactivate
    • When view loses selection


You can use a Multiview control with the Menu control to create a tabbed page

  • Open Visual Studio
  • Create a web page
  • Drag a Menu control to the page, name it mnuTabs

  • Set the orientation property to Horizontal

  • Add a multiView control, name it multiTabs

  • Drag a 3 view controls into the multiview control

  • Select the multiView control and set the ActiveViewIndex to 0

  • Type into each View

You could also add controls

  • Select the Menu Control and open the smart tag
  • Select Edit Menu Item

  • Click Add a root item button

  • Change the text to Tab1

  • Change selected property to true
  • Change the value to 0

Value must start with 0 and increment for each tab

The value is what gets passed to the ActiveViewIndex of the mutliView control to select the tabs

  • Add two more tabs and change the text to Tab2 and Tab3
  • Change the values to 1 and 2
  • Click OK
  • Double-click the menu control and add this code:

Dim index As Integer = Int32.Parse(e.Item.Value)

multiTabs.ActiveViewIndex = index


  • test it


Lets make it look a little nicer

  • Click the webform
  • Select the Style property

  • Change the background color

You need to add 5 style classes

  1. background color of the page
  2. All tabs
  3. Each tab
  4. The selected tab
  5. the contents of each tab


  • Add a new item
    • Stylesheet

  • Double-click it in the solution explorer

  • right-click on the body tag and select Build style

  • Select background
  • Change the color to gray

  • Go back to your web form
  • Drag the stylesheet to the web form

It adds the code to link your page to the style sheet

  • Select the CSS page again
  • Right-click the web form and select Add Style Rule

Select Class Name

Name it .tabs

  • Click OK
  • Right-click .tabs
  • Select Build Style

  • Select Position and Offset from normal mode

This makes the positioning relative

  • Set the pixels for top and left offsets
  • Go back to your web form
  • Select the menu
  • Change the CSSClass property to tabs

Back to the stylesheet

  • Add a .tab class

  • Select background color and pick a dark color

  • Select edges
    • Solid line
    • Custom 1 px
    • black

Go to the web form and select the menu

Open the StaticMenuItemSyle and change the CssClass to tab

  • Add another CSS class and name it .SelectedTab
  • Change the background color

  • Change the bottom border to solid, 1px, the color of the tabs(to blend in)

  • Add a class for .tabContents
  • Change the background to the same color as the tabs
  • Change all the padding to 10px
  • Change all border to solid, 1px, black

  • Go back to the web form
  • Select the menu
  • Open StaticSelectedStyle and change the cssClass to selectedTab

  • Open the code view
  • Select the <div> tab around the multiView control
  • Change the Class property to tabContents

  • Select the StaticSelectedStyle and change the horizontal Padding to 20px

You can change the other styles as well

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