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Properties ofCheckBoxList




Between border and contents of the cell


Distance between cells


How many columns to display in checkboxlist control


Vertical or Horizontal


Flow or Layout(default)


Left or Right

Bind checkBoxList to an Array

  • Open Visual Studio
  • Add a new webform call it check1.aspx

  • Type Pick your favorite Munster:
  • Drag a checkBoxList control to the page
  • Name it chkMunster
  • Double-click the page and add this code in the page_load:
dim Munsters=New ArrayList Munsters.Add("Herman") Munsters.Add("Lily") Munsters.Add("Grandpa") Munsters.Add("Eddie") Munsters.Add("Marylyn") Munsters.TrimToSize() if Not Page.IsPostBack then chkMunsterList.DataSource= Munsters dataBind() end if
  • Test it

Now Let’s add additional code to change how the checkboxlist displays:

  • Add a checkbox control
    • Name it chkMode
    • Set text to Display Vertically
    • Set checked to true
    • Set autopostback to true
  • Double-click the checkbox and add this code:

If chkMode.checked then




end if


Display selected items from the list when the button is clicked

  • Add a label control name it lblDisplay
  • Add a button control
  • Double-click the button

Add this code to the button click event:

Dim labelString="You Selected:<br />" Dim myCount as Integer for myCount=0 to chkMunsterList.Items.Count-1 if chkMunsterList.Items(myCount).Selected then labelString+=chkMunsterList.Items(myCount).Text labelString+="<br />" end if next lblDisplay.text=labelString

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