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BulletedList Control

The bulletedList Control renders as either an ordered list (numbered)or unordered list(bulleted)

    Each list can be rendered as:
  • Plain text
  • A LinkButton Control
  • Link to another page

  • Open Visual Studio
  • Add a new webform
  • Name it Bulleted.aspx
  • Add a DataSource Control and set it to a database table

  • Add a BulletedList control
  • Click the smart tag and Choose Data Source

  • Select the Data Source you added earlier
  • Select the field to display

Look at the code:

  • Right click the page and select View in Browser

You can change the appearance for each list item using the BulletStyle property

Circle Disc Square Numbered
LowerAlpha UpperAlpha LowerRoman UpperRoman
NotSet Custom Image    

In Custom Image you must set the BulletImageURL property

Here’s the code:

You can modify the function of each list item by changing the DisplayMode property

  • Hyperlink
    • Item is rendered as a link to another page
  • LinkButton
    • Item is rendered as a LinkButton control
  • Text
    • Item is rendered as plain text

  • Add another BulletedList control
  • Change the DisplayMode to Hyperlink

  • Click the smart tag and select Edit items

  • Click the add button

  • Add Google in the text property
  • Add in the value property
  • Add two more, pick any website

Here is the code:

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